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Anyone, living anywhere,  can take these classes and receive a certificate upon completion of all of the assignments. 

I am an approved IdahoSTARS trainer.  All of my online classes are free and come with a certificate of completion upon completion of all of the course assignments.    If you need these courses for something other than IdahoSTARS hours, it is your responsibility to take the course information to the organization, court, or agency that may be requiring the courses to make sure they will accept these courses.  If this is helpful, a brief resume can be found here.  The list of courses can be found here.

If there are specific topics needed which are not already in the course list.  Please send me an e-mail (use contact form) and I will let you know if it is something I can add.  Please tell me exactly what you need and what you need it for.

You may take any of the classes found at the IdahoSTARS page and receive a certificate for completion of a parenting class.  The name of the class and the hours for completion will be shown in the certificate.  If you need these certificates for court or another legal requirement (I repeat) you will need to find out if the entity (such as a court) requiring the completion of the class will accept these certificates.  If may be helpful you can print out a copy of my resume linked from above.  If completing for parenting, please include all of the information and complete all the requirements listed on the IdahoSTARS page and write in the e-mail that this is for a certificate for parenting.
In addition, I wish to comment on two things. 
Many years ago I read some very wise advise in a Dear Abby column.  The bottom line was that if you say anything negative about the other parent to the child, the child at some level will understand that they are also a part of that other parent and anything bad you say about the other parent, you also say about the child. 
My second comment is that when both parents are on the same reasonable page (when it comes to parenting and the child) the child has a better chance of success.  Parenting through a divorce and/or separation is not about you, it is about the child.  If you can figure that out, the child will do better.  If you both can figure that out, the child will do even better.
If you are completing a course for something to do with custody, divorce, and or/separation (even if it is not for joint custody), please also read the at least one article from each search link below and include a summary in the paper you will turn in. (That's three articles; however, you will have a number to choose from)

Tips for Divorced Parents
Co-parenting with your Ex and Making Joint Custody Work
Post-Divorce Parenting Mistakes and Strategies

CR Petersen M.Ed.